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Seedling Sex Determination


Like humans, cannabis plants have either male or female sex. We employ Y chromosome markers to identify male plants as early as the 4-leaf seedling stage. This conveniently allows for the early removal of males to prevent unwanted pollination within flowering rooms. Only unpollinated (sensimilla) females produce appreciable levels of cannabinoids and terpenes within their flowering bodies. Synthase Genetics offers a mail-in Seedling Sex Determination package, which allows cultivators to send seedling tissue samples for rapid Seedling Sex Determination. Mail in Sex Determination starts after October 18th, 2018. Check back then to order your kit and increase your grow efficiency. 

Genetic Analysis and Custom Breeding Programs


By characterizing and understanding the genetic differences between candidate breeding strains, Synthase Genetics designs specific breeding programs to create new custom strains that possess consistent growth characteristics, specific cannabinoid and terpene content, and reliable medicinal effects. Synthase Genetics uses the understanding of cannabis genetics to create custom medically-relevant cannabis. Contact us to set up an appointment and receive a quote for this custom service. 

Medical Consulting


Not sure what type of strain to generate or what type of cannabinoid and terpene profile is appropriate to likely alleviate a particular medical symptom? Want to make cannabis with a certain flavour profile? We have extensive knowledge with respect to the pharmacological properties of certain cannabinoids and terpenes. Let’s work together to generate a custom cannabis-derived medicine. Contact us to set up a consultation appointment and we will guide you from strain-to-medicine and generate a unique product. We have extensive experience in drug development and quality control within the mainstream pharmaceutical industry and would be happy to help.  

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